About the NVA

For the love of volleyball! We especially love volleyball at a high level. Which is why we are creating and shaping professional volleyball in America. "Going Pro" are two driving words on the mind of millions of young and aspiring athletes in any sport. Only in volleyball, that dream of playing your sport on a professional level is met with the harsh realities of the absence of a viable option upon graduation. Until the establishment of the NVA, the phrase "Going Pro" meant going overseas to compete at the highest levels of the sport. The National Volleyball Association is here to change that, and provide a viable league to showcase the amazing talent we have locally in the sport of volleyball. It's time to bring the excitement, energy and competition of a professional volleyball league to the United States.

Information on Rules

The NVA follows FIVB rules and guidelines. We do have minor deviations from the rule book such as allowing pursuit, but the majority of rules set out and established by FIVB are consistent with the league. Most of these modifications are an attempt to remain consistent with collegiate rules in the United States, which is what many of our athletes are familiar with.

Please click here forFIVB rules.

NVA Teams:

The NVA is composed of 12 teams from all over the nation, coast to coast. These 12 teams are sorted into 2 conferences (American & National) and 4 divisions (American - Coastal & Central and National - Coastal & Central). The structure is as follows:

American Conference

Coastal: Las Vegas Ramblers, Matadors of the Americas, Southern Exposure
Central: Utah Stingers, Philadelphia Founders, SD Wild

National Conference

Coastal: OC Stunners, New Jersey Freedom, Puerto Rico Pythons
Central: Texas Tyrants, Chicago Untouchables, LA Blaze

The post-season will see 8 total teams, 4 from each conference. The winner of each division will receive an automatic bid to the playoffs, and the next 2 best records within each respective conference will qualify for the remaining spots.

Community Engagement

Our ten teams are becoming active participants in their local communities meeting with neighbors to develop local partnerships that make a difference.