Apr 10, 2022 20:00 PM PST

Ramblers Keep The Train Rolling Against the Matadors

On Sunday night, the Las Vegas Ramblers and Inland Empire Matadors squared off in a rematch of their quarter-final match from the 2021 season. Outside Hitter Jordan Hoppe from the Ramblers was the match leader, scoring 21 Points (5 Aces, 15 Kills, 1 Block) in the 3-0 sweep over the Matadors.

The middles on both teams posted almost identical numbers, with each team's middle pairing scoring at least 12 points combined on 21 attempts for the Matadors and 20 tries for the Ramblers. Rambler's Antwain Aguillard boasted 5 kills and 4 blocks, while Josh Duarte had 7 kills. Matadors' Brett Masserti earned 5 kills and 1 block, while Martin Petris earned 7 kills and 2 blocks. The effectiveness in the middle for both teams was impressive, but unfortunately for the Matadors, it was the only position on the floor to find such success.

The most notable feat in the match was serving runs put together by the Ramblers, with Hoppe racking up 5 aces, 4 of which were consecutively in a row. Ramblers also managed to keep their point-scoring at an all-time high of 33%, with consistent serving from outside Nick England posting 14 serves and Aguillard having 17 attempts with 1 error. Matadors were passing well enough at 61% positive efficiency but were unable to weather the pressure of the Ramblers' side out efficiency at 57%.

Spencer Andrews made his debut as a Rambler after being injured for the 2021 season during event 1 playing for the Stunners. Showing up only just before game time, Andrews ran a well-spread and relentless offense that was unmatched and posted 3 terminal blocks. This weekend, Jordan Hoppe proved to be a standout player in the league and quickly made a name for himself in his NVA debut. After being the top scorer in Denmark, Ryan Mather's (10 Kills) return was also a critical part of the Rambler's success this match (and weekend) and will be a crucial part of this team going forward. Nick England made an unexpected return to both games this weekend, and while his role on the team was minimally offensive, he was the most targeted Rambler in serve receive and boasted a 75% passer rating on 44 attempts.

Matadors tried a variety of lineups to generate some momentum, but aside from the middle, they struggled to find success. Matadors fans worry not; expect to see familiar players returning soon; Jacob Vander Beek, Nick Ramos (Untouchables,2021), and more new faces. Be sure to show your support as the season continues. We expect to see this team continue to develop chemistry and establish a team identity to compete against the Ramblers and Southern Exposure in the American Coastal Conference.

-NVA Staff Writer