NVA at The AVCA Convention

NVA contributes the demonstrators for The AVCA Convention
December 13-16th in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the annual AVCA Convention was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Here is where a collection of the sports greatest minds and brands come to educate and collaborate to grow the sport of volleyball. For the first time at the AVCA Convention, Mens Professional Volleyball was featured at the event. Working with the AVCA the NVA was able to find its niche providing demonstrators for the exhibition. Many great coaches such as USA Women’s National Assistant Luka Slabe and Mens National Team Head Coach John Speraw had the countries top professionals at their disposal while they provided their instruction. Luke Slabe had such a positive experience with the NVA demonstrators that USA Womens National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly personally requested that he be able to use the demonstrators for his instruction on serving and passing on the second day of the convention. The overall reception to the presence of the NVA being featured at the AVCA Convention was met with very warm regards. The high level of volleyball that the demonstrators brought to the court made the coaching easy and understandable. This made the learning experience for the coaches attending the demonstrations much more beneficial. Most importantly for the NVA was the ability for the players and the league to continue to market and solidify themselves as a reputable professional league. The NVA was fortunate enough to be able represent themselves in cohesion with Smack Sportswear. Smack provided all of the gear used by the NVA demonstrators, shared their apparel booth with the NVA brand and continues to be one of the leagues biggest supporters. Representing the NVA Players were: Cullen Irons - Rising Tide Tyson Norton - Rising Tide Matt Jones - Rising Tide Vinny Davany - Rising Tide Taylor Gregory - Rising Tide Joe Bortak - Icemen Andrey Diachkov - Icemen BJ Boldog - Icemen Luke Spicer - Icemen Vince Zanzucchi - Sizzle Will Robbins - Pineapple Bruno Amorim - Pineapple Joe Klein - Pineapple Look for more updates here on our website www.nvausa.com. Instagram at NVAUSA and our Facebook nvausa. The Legacy Begins Here A special thanks to JVA Volleyball for providing skybox seats to the NCAA National Championship Match for the NVA Players and Representatives. Also congratulations to National Champions Stanford and Runner up Nebraska for their fantastic seasons. Also a special thanks to Mikasa Volleyball, Smack Sportswear and the AVCA for giving us the opportunity to be involved with such a great event.