NVA 2018 Final Standings

2018 Regular Season Recap
Blizzard (5-1): Blizzard volleyball has remained on top for the entire season starting with their Las Vegas Showcase Championship to the Western Conference Championship. Despite being the team with the most significant amount of roster moves, they have managed to maintain to the best record in the league. Their current roster heading into the NVA Championships contains opposites Dillon Emery and Johannes Brink, setter Edison Zhou and middle Matt August. All of whom played vital roles in filling the standard left behind by former Olympians David Lee, Russell Holmes and Paul Lotman. Filling the standard was exactly what they did by finishing off the regular season with only one loss in the standings. They face Icemen in the first round of the NVA Championships Pineapple (4-2): Pineapple, the most experienced team in the league led by Lloy Ball. A team who’s name is becoming synonymous with victory. Their run in Las Vegas last December was shockingly cut short by the eventual champion Blizzard. Pineapple regrouped in a big way for the regular season to win the Eastern Conference Championship. Pineapple lost Champions League star Marcus Nilsson but perhaps the best replacement for anyone is a healthy Jeff Ptak. With the addition of Ptak and outside hitter Tomas Goldsmith, Pineapple was able to sweep LVC 3-0 in matches for the regular season. They are currently on a 2 match losing streak to icemen but with a three middle rotation of Matt Harpenau, Matt Leske and Joe Klein, Pineapple has the firepower and experience for a confident title run at the NVA Championships. They face Sizzle in the first round of the NVA Championships. Icemen (3-3): Icemen have had their fair share of ups and downs. They started the season at the Las Vegas Showcase the only undefeated team, taking the overall 1 seed. Then they had a misstep in the tournament falling to 8 seed Sizzle. The squad since has revamped their lineup adding former Ukrainian National Team outside hitter Andrey Diachkov, former Lights Out opposite Jamion Hartley and bringing in NVA All Star setter Conor Eaton. After starting their regular season 0-3, they found new life and are currently on a 3 match win streak, including 2 over Eastern Conference Champs Pineapple. With their size and athleticism in the middle consisting of Joe Bortak and Scott Siwicki, they could be the hottest team going into the NVA Championships where they will face off with Blizzard in the first round. Sizzle (3-3): Sizzle is consistently a team that is over looked by their NVA opponents. They have also proven that is when they are most dangerous. Sizzle has taken down all the top teams in the NVA at one time or another. The Las Vegas Showcase, they defeated Academy United before going against an unsuspecting 1 seed Icemen and sweeping them 3-0 to advance to the semi finals. Sizzle began its regular season 0-2, but they went into the 2nd Western conference event with possibly the NVA”s best outside hitter tandem in Srdj Nadazdin and Joe Kauliakamoa. They won 9-0 in sets, giving Blizzard their first regular season loss and sweeping Rising Tide in consecutive matches. Sizzle now has consistency at the setter position with Zach Melcher and an explosive opposite in Bryan Lewis. With an aggressive defense led by Libero Drew Winterstein and consistent blocking by middle’s Connor Dougherty and Mark Olsen, Sizzle has shown they will benefit well if they are overlooked heading to Indiana. They play Pineapple in the first round of the NVA Championships. LVC (2-4): LVC has always held their fate in their own hands. At the Las Vegas Showcase, they put themselves in a great position to make a title run. They completely dismantled Sizzle in pool play and followed that performance up with a 5 set victory over Pineapple. They appeared to be in a great spot going into the tournament but they ended up being eliminated by Rising Tide. Fast forward to the regular season, the first Eastern Conference event, LVC once again maintained control of their own fate by winning 2 matches against Icemen. However, they couldn’t manage to get a notch in the win column against Pineapple. In the 2nd Eastern Conference Event, LVC found themselves without opposite Jordan Varee and outside hitter Anthony Bonilla. A 4 set loss to Icemen saw LVC for the first time with their fate out of their control. Unfortunately, the subsequent Icemen victory over Pineapple ended LVC’s post season chances. The season ended with a collection of missed opportunities that they will be eager to correct in the 2019 season. Rising Tide (1-5): Perhaps the biggest shock of the 2018 NVA Season is the Rising Tide missing the post season. Rising Tide was no surprise at the Las Vegas Showcase. They finished 3rd but was right on the doorstep to making it to the finals over Academy United. With arguably the best hands in the league from setter Vinny Devany feeding the best attacking opposite in the league Cullen Irons, most expected Rising Tide to be the favorite to win the Western Conference. Unfortunately, they couldn’t pull out a match victory in Arizona where they lost two heart break 5 set matches to Blizzard and were swept in consecutive matches by Sizzle. Rising Tide may have ultimately been the victim to an unfortunate weekend which cut their season short. Fortunately for them, they are still viewed as one of the most dangerous teams in the league. With the talent they have, its doubtful they will have this low of a finish in 2019. Up next for the NVA: The NVA Championships hosted by Pineapple at Ball Sports Academy, January 5th and 6th in Angola, Indiana. Eastern Conference Champion Pineapple (4-2) led by Jeff Ptak and Lloy Ball will play Western Conference Runner-up Sizzle (3-3) led by Srdj Nadazdin and Bryan Lewis. Western Conference Champion Blizzard (5-1) led by Edison Zhou and Matt August will play Eastern Conference Runner-up Icemen (3-3) led by Conor Eaton and Scott Siwicki. Look for more updates here on our website www.nvausa.com. Instagram at NVAUSA and our Facebook nvausa. The Legacy Begins Here