Know Your Players

Who Is The Best Opposite In The Western Conference?
This weekend, December 1st and 2nd, The NVA is heading to Aspire Volleyball Club in Tempe, AZ for the 2018 Western Conference finale. The event features Blizzard, Rising Tide and host Arizona Sizzle. We would like to feature a few of our star opposite's who will be competing for Western Conference supremacy this weekend. Bryan Lewis - Sizzle 6 foot 4 inch, left handed attacker with explosive leaping ability. He was a key component to the Sizzle final four run at the NVA Showcase in Las Vegas. Bryan is currently 2nd in attack points and blocks on Sizzle. He currently ranks 4th in points scored by Opposite Hitters in the NVA. Cullen Irons - Rising Tide 6 foot 8 inch, an intelligent attacker. He has the ability and skill to score effectively without depending solely on the raw power he also possesses. Nicknamed: Ironman, because he seems to play every set of every match. Cullen won the title of Best Attacker at the NVA Showcase as he led the Rising Tide to a 3rd place finish. He was also selected to the NVA All Star Team where he represented and competed in China this past August. Johannes Brink - Blizzard 6 foot 8 inch, physical power and intensity. Has the ability to hit over top of most of the biggest blocks in the NVA. Guided his Blizzard squad to the NVA Showcase Championship. Johannes is currently leading the NVA in total points scored by a substantial 16 points. His 87 Kills going into the event this weekend has him primed to be the first 100 Kill scorer in NVA history. Stay tuned this weekend and watch the titans of the Western Conference clash. Look for more updates here on our website Instagram at NVAUSA and our Facebook nvausa.