Shaping volleyball for the future through focus and professionalism

Going Pro. Two driving words on the mind of every aspiring athlete, except volleyball players. Until now the words Going Pro meant going overseas to compete with the top athletes in the industry. The National Volleyball Association is here to change that. It’s time to bring the excitement, perspiration, and competition of a professional volleyball league to the United States of America.

A country driven by team spirits and competitive sports is in need of an organization such as the NVA to bring the spotlight to Volleyball and its elite athletes.

NFL, MLB, and NBA are all household names with a goal to cultivate and showcase the best of the best in their sport. With the finest staff in the volleyball industry, it is NVA’s mission to become the next iconic sports league.

Since 2013 Blizzard Volleyball has been in the forefront of fostering the careers of Volleyball players in the USA. With the experience we have gained through domestic and international competitions and events, we are able to carry the top talent into the future of volleyball here in the United States.